Thoughts from the Keep Me soul

"When you choose something you like, you are selecting more than just an object. You are buying many many hours of thoughts, hopes and effort.
You are buying days and days of sacrifice as well as moments of profound happiness for many people.
You are not just selecting a bracelet. You are buying a little corner of the heart, a message from the soul of the person who created it, an intention to have you wear or give an object that you want accompanying you always in the many “stories” of your life.
Choose with your heart what you feel is for YOU and carry it always with YOU."

Hand made in Italy with love by so many people.

Caterina Migliorini ( founder )


Hand made.

Made in Italy.

Made with love.

How is Keep Me made by hand with love in Italy?

The Keep Me Jewels bracelet is in genuine Italian leather printed in colour.
The leather loop is embellished with a 925 silver charm with original Swarovski points of light and a touch of glamour from the mother-of-pearl or 925 silver button with a laser drawing and coloured thread.
The bracelet can be fitted to wrists at any age. The Keep Me touch of the soul has chosen a series of special phrases to accompany your life’s moments.

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